Consultant Dermatologist Servicing Hornsby

Are you looking for expert specialist medical treatment for your skin, hair or nails? Dr Kavita Enjeti is a renowned consultant dermatologist servicing Hornsby who specialises in a variety of dermatological treatments for patients of all ages. With extensive training and experience both in Australia and overseas, Dr Enjeti brings a holistic approach to treating and managing dermatological problems. Helping a patient thoroughly understand the various treatment modalities is the core of our practice, which is why our consultant dermatologist in Hornsby ensures professional and extensive communication throughout the consultation process.

Among the conditions managed by our consultant dermatologist in Hornsby, we can provide treatment for acne, eczema, connective tissue disorders, allergic dermatitis, as well as see to the dermatology needs in the fields of paediatrics and women’s health. Dr Enjeti’s leading work in skin cancer diagnosis and management means that her services cover the full extent of skin cancer complications, from complete skin cancer assessment with full body examination to surgical and non-surgical treatments for skin cancer. For a highly qualified consultant dermatologist servicing Hornsby, call Dr Enjeti’s Wahroonga clinic on (02) 9489 9272.

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